Britvic GB
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“The feedback on the PVV cascade has been great…all your hard work has been brilliantly received…”

Britvic GB’s new purpose, vision and values were designed to re-energise employees, build team spirit and align people behind shared goals and priorities.

To facilitate their launch and drive engagement, TomTom worked closely with Britvic’s HR and Comms teams to design interactive face-to-face sessions, supported by video and a suite of collateral and guidelines to maintain maximum focus moving forward.

Following the launch, the Britvic leadership team needed a quick and easy way to keep employees updated on progress and focused on its key business priorities.

TeamLink, Britvic GB’s new online channel has met the brief, providing a quick, simple and economical method of delivering relevant information quickly and efficiently.

“This is absolutely excellent!!!! The most in depth, yet succinct comms I’ve ever experienced at Britvic…”

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